Ways to travel in Chile

Chile has a very good infrastructure but some very great distances.

Stretching over 4000 km travel times within Chile can be long, and flying from one region to another remains the most efficient way of getting around. Most flights operate out of the country's central airport hub in Santiago, and often routes do involve changing planes in the capital en route. Airlines LAN and Sky are the main providers of internal flights, and their network goes up as far as Arica in the north and Punta Arenas in southern Patagonia.

For the adventurous, an increasingly popular means of travelling through Chile is to self drive, with the lake district, central valley and southern Patagonia the areas where having a car can be of most benefit. For drivers in Chile we recommend the excellent Chiletur Copec guides that can be purchased in bookshops or in Copec petrol stations. There are guides for the northern, southern and central regions as well as a national park guide and an excellent route guide which includes road maps.

Some routes through Chile are also possible using an excellent network of public buses. Long distance services operate between many locations and are an economical yet comfortable way of covering the ground with the top level of ticket including a fully reclining lie flat seat. For shorter journeys the good level of service in Chile extends to drivers and guides, with thrtr often being the option to choose between shared shuttle bus services or private vehicles with English speaking guides.


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