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Brazil is a country of superlatives in nature, great humanity and exuberance in its people, and sheer scale both in its physical size and its potential as it starts to find its place on the global stage.

From the vastness of the Amazon to the enormous power of Iguassu Falls, Brazil challenges all-comers in size and strength. A coastline of thousands of miles of wonderful beaches culminate in the style and indefinable spirit of Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana and Ipanema. The Pantanal, the world's largest wetland, offers a spell-binding array of animals and birds. The richness of Brazil's past has left remarkable legacies in towns such as Olinda and Ouro Preto, and in Salvador - whose rich African heritage brings its unique and powerful influence to modern Brazil. Yet this list barely scratches the surface of everything that Brazil is, was, and can be.

The time to visit Brazil is certainly right now. Beyond the global events of the World Cup and Olympics, Brazil's recent economic confidence is delivering the simple improvements that make travel so much easier and rewarding, opening up new adventures and new comforts to experience and enjoy.

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Planning a trip to Brazil

Our design service is second-to-none and is at your disposal when you are ready to take things further.

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Brazil is a vast country with wonderful things to see and expereince. Our specialists can advise you on where and when to go depending on your interests.

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