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Cuba has it all. A fascinating history, a unique society, spellbinding architecture, a love of music and the arts, untouched nature, Caribbean weather and stunning beaches

Cuba is one of the world's most intriguing and enthralling countries. Hedonistic yet strongly socialist, with dazzling cities, beguiling landscapes and, of course, beautiful beaches.

There's an intoxicating blend of Spanish, French, English, US and Russian influences, mixed and transformed in the tropics, and brought to life by the redoubtable and resilient Cuban people: the planet's leading exponents of positive thinking.

Add to that Cuba's special history from wealthy colony to Hollywood playground, followed by the revolution and its heroes-Ché, Fidel and the rest-and you have a heady mix. On holiday in Cuba you will certainly feel that you have gone back in time-with classic American cars and crumbling architecture in abundance.

It's an evocative and memorable experience, one that will immediately intrigue you and soon win you over.

Go to Cuba soon!

Hurry! If you want to see and experience a country like no other, go to Cuba and go there soon. Cuba might be about to change. Whatever might happen, Cuba as it is now is unique. Experience this Cuba before it moves on.

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Planning a trip to Cuba

Our design service is second-to-none and is at your disposal when you are ready to take things further.

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There's lots to see in Cuba, but planning the perfect trip needs a good understanding of the differences that make Cuba so special.

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The Geodyssey Guide to Cuba

Browse our short guide to Cuba for inspiration and the practical information you need.

Here’s what our clients say about their experiences of Cuba with Geodyssey.

We felt relaxed from the moment we arrived in Havana. Our guides and driver could not do enough for us, knew exactly what we wanted as they bothered to listen and get to know us.