Bird watching in Cuba

Cuba is an important and enjoyable bird watching destination, with a good range of interesting habitats and a large number of endemics.

For bird watchers, Cuba is by far the most important island in the Caribbean and it is much the best place from which to build a knowledge of the Caribbean's special birds.

Cuba's natural side offers a great variety of landscapes and habitats, from lush forests to blue hills and expansive wetlands.

Bird watchers have begun to visit Cuba to experience its exciting avifauna, with a large number of endemics. It is an important as well as very enjoyable destination for some mostly rather relaxed bird watching enlivened by some sensational species.

Cuba's birds

Cuba's mix of habitats and range of endemic species and sub-species together with its important position for migrants have made the bird list for Cuba a long one, despite it being an island and at the northern end of the neotropics.

Cuba's 350 or more species of birds include 24 Cuban endemics and 19 of the 51 Caribbean endemics that are not restricted to single islands. There are also some interesting sub-species and races found only on Cuba.

Bird watching with Geodyssey

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Ideas for birdwatching in Cuba

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