Antarctica and the South Atlantic

A voyage across the southern oceans to Antarctica, or the islands of the South Atlantic is one of the most challenging and inspiring travel experiences.

Antarctica is one of the last remaining wildernesses on this Earth. It offers a powerful sense of isolation amid the immense space of sea that mirrors sky and ice and mountains, and a deep sense of oneness with a natural world set apart from man. A continent that belongs to no-one, with an awe-inspiring beauty and incredible 'Frozen Planet' wildlife experiences that make a visit here, designed with care, a traveller's necessity.

A very limited number of expedition cruise ships provide opportunities to explore 'the world at the end of the world' along the Antarctica Peninsula - the slender mountainous arm of land that reaches up towards South America, and is the richest part of Antarctica for magnificent landscapes and fascinating wildlife.

Imbibe the pure polar air and stay on the alert! There is always the promise of a surprise a few waves away. A leopard seal on the watch for penguin chicks. Killer wales performing gymnastic displays. Humpback and minke whales that approach so tantalisingly close to your boat. Antarctica's penguins waddling and chattering about their daily business - awkwardly on land, but once in the water, such grace and speed!

Antarctica reflects the stuff of legendary expeditions and heroic explorers. Today, many countries have a base in Antarctica and much research that is vital for our understanding of the planet is done there. Under the Antarctic Treaty a carefully-designed supervision is in place to encourage access while protecting delicate aspects of this immensely rugged environment. Controls cover routes that approved ships can sail in these waters, where visitors can land, and guidelines to minimise any disturbance to wildlife.


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