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The twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago are among the most genuinely welcoming and uncontrived islands in the Caribbean.


Trinidad is an island busting with life. A joy for nature lovers, filled with jewel-coloured tropical birds, butterflies and flowers. A melting pot of vibrant cultures with Carnival at its very heart. For the most part, Trinidad is outside the mainstream Caribbean tourist trade of 'sun, sea and sand'. It attracts instead a variety of visitors interested in wildlife, nature and the island's rich culture. Walking and trekking are also good options. There are some excellent local beaches along the north coast: crescent bays with quiet sandy beaches backed by palm-trees, fishing villages enlarged by a few beach houses and very few hotels, and livelier beaches near Port of Spain serving its week-enders. For partying, Trinidad's Canival leads the Caribbean in music, costume and dance with the lead-up to Carnival almost as good as Carnival itself.


Palm-fringed beaches, sleepy fishing villages, ancient forests, coral reefs and pirate coves provide the backdrop to visits to Tobago, Trinidad's little sister. Tobago is much smaller than Trinidad: a fish-shaped island just 26 miles long and 6 miles wide. It lies 20 miles away-a short 20 minute flight. It is mostly a verdant landscape of winding coastal roads that skirt craggy headlands and bays, unspoilt natural beaches, tiny hamlets, exuberant tropical vegetation, and dazzlingly colourful songbirds. The capital city, Scarborough, is little more than a small town. It's easy to explore Tobago by road. All the sights are reachable from anywhere on the island in the course of a day's drive. With coral reefs all around the island, it is also a superb spot for divers and snorkelers while there windsurfing, sailing, surfing and kayaking are also offered at many spots across the island.

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