Best times to visit Trinidad & Tobago

Both islands enjoy good weather for large parts of the year.

The islands generally have a hot and sunny tropical climate with an average daily temperature of around 28°C.

The best weather usually runs from November until around May, corresponding with the dry season. There's always the chance of a shower or some rain, but mostly the days are beautifully clear and fine. During the wet season from June to October, there are more cloud days and a moderate increase in rainfall when slightly more than half each 24hr period has some rain, often at night.

Trinidad & Tobago are reckoned to be safely outside the Caribbean's hurricane belt, although once in a decade or more they can be hit briefly by a bad storm tracking far south during the season, which usually starts in May and is usually effectively over by the end of October.

What is the weather like when I'm planning to travel?

Typical weather for January