Trinidad & Tobago

Central Tobago

Small fishing villages plotted on horseshoe beaches with glittering waters and enclosed by dark green cliffs.

Tobago Forest Reserve

This is the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere, a haven for 123 butterfly species, 210 bird species, 16 species of lizards and 17 of bats, plus armadillo and forest deer. Much of this mountainous region is difficult to access, but there are several authorised nature trails, the most notable being the Gilpin Trace. In the forest you will see vivid red heliconia and 'hot lips' plants, epiphytes, orchids, lianas, lichens and mosses, and some great birds. The star find here is the delightful, near endemic White-tailed Sabrewing hummingbird which has a display lek near the trail.

Argyll Waterfall

Near Roxborough is the start of an easy 20min walk on a pretty riverside path to the impressive Argyll Waterfall. Hire an official guide at the entrance, follow the path past the ruins of a former plantation house and large stands of bamboo, then pick your way across a series of large boulders to a vantage point near the foot of the falls. The water tumbles 54m in a series of stepped cascades into a deep pool where it is possible to take a refreshing swim, or you can clamber, with great care, up to the top.

Unspoilt beaches and coastal village life

Parlatuvier and Castara are two small fishing villages with horseshoe beaches and glittering bays enclosed by dark green cliffs. Down on the palm-fringed sands village life dawdles along, fishermen mend nets and wait for the tide to change, 'pirogue' boats bob in the water while teenage boys lime or play football. Hidden from the road between these two villages is the very quiet and secluded Englishman's Bay, a crescent of sand, backed by coconut palms for shade, and calm, deep clear water where there is some good snorkelling.

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Holiday designs that visit Central Tobago

'Trinidad & Tobago Nature Explorer'

Trinidad & Tobago - Touring and wildlife

A holiday with a special focus on the natural side of both islands, seeing the best of their wildlife and natural scenery whilst staying in small characterful accommodation

14 nights from £3645

'Tobago Selfdrive'

Trinidad & Tobago - Selfdrive touring

A nicely paced trip, staying at 4 different locations around the island, with the flexibility to do as you please: explore, get off the beaten track, or just unwind

14 nights from £2825

'The Birds of Trinidad & Tobago'

Trinidad & Tobago - Birdwatching

Expert birdwatching guides introduce you to the wonderful variety of birds on the twin islands in two weeks of easy birding in friendly Caribbean style

14 nights from £4375

Some hotels in central Tobago

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