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Bolivia lies in the heart of South America, situated among isolated Andean peaks and the steamy headwaters of the Amazon. It is a country that offers breath-taking landscapes, outstanding natural beauty and a fascinating cultural blend.

The Bolivia highlights include:

  • the rugged south-west with its Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt lake in the world, plus colourful lagoons and snow-capped volcanoes
  • the magical Lake Titicaca, a place sacred for the Inca civilisation
  • Potosí and Cerro Rico - the once-thriving silver mining capital of Bolivia
  • the highest national capital in the world, La Paz. (La Paz is Bolivia's government capital)
  • The town of Sucre, a UNESCO World Heritage site (Sucre is Bolivia's democratic Capital)
  • The diversity of Bolivia's nature in its Amazon rainforest and Pantanal wetlands: pink dolphins, alligators, piranhas, sloths, jaguars, the endemic Paraba barba azul and turtles.
  • Bolivia's land-locked isolation has helped preserve much of its ancient beliefs, traditions and biodiversity that give visitors a vibrant sense of how a world long-forgotten elsewhere can exist side-by-side with the modern urban landscape of business suits and wireless internet.
  • The isolated location and challenging geography can make Bolivia expensive to reach, but, once there, your money will go further, with incredible meals and vibrant nights out available at a fraction of their cost back home.

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