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The Bolivian highlands are criss-crossed with ancient paving that served as working highways for hundreds of years.

The narrow passes and stairways were the transport network for the Incas to carry gold, coca leaves and fruits from the sub-tropical forests of the Yungas up and over the plains to their capital Cusco. Many trails were walked long before that by the Quechua and Aymara people that still make up most of Bolivia's population.

Today, many routes have survived and are still plied by the odd llama herd and mules carrying potatoes and corn to isolated mining outposts.

These trails allow hikers to experience Bolivia's wild beauty, where it's possible to walk for days without hearing a car or even crossing a dirt road. The paths traverse crystal-clear mountain streams, ancient ruined settlements and offer staggering views from jungle to snow-capped peak.

Choro Inca Trail

(4 days/3 nights)

Perhaps Bolivia's most well-known trek starts an hour's drive from central La Paz at the top of a 4,700-metre mountain pass and winds down to the humid sub-tropical Yungas lowlands at 1,300 metres.

The route is well-preserved, with around a third of the route on cobble-stone paving dating back to before the Incas.

You will experience around 5-6 hours of moderate, mainly downhill trekking per day with three nights camping and cooking in quiet spots. The fourth day provides a rewarding opportunity to rest weary limbs as the trek ends near the idyllic hilltop town of Coroico, a gem of a destination in itself that offers a range of comfortable accommodation and dining options.

The Choro trail is one of three well-preserved Inca trails near La Paz. We also offer the slightly shorter Takesi (3 days) and slightly longer Yunga Cruz (5 days) journeys.Longer treks across the majestic Real and Apolobamba mountain ranges, including mountaineering and biking options, can also be arranged.

Bolivia provides a vast range of opportunities for mountain biking, for riders of most levels and ability. We have partnered with a specialist mountain biking provider that has many years of experience as the safest and most trusted operator in the region. We offer excellent routes for riders with a limited experience of mountain biking to advanced riders looking for the most challenging single-track.

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