Best times to visit Bolivia

Best time to visit

Winter: 21 June - 21- September - Best time

Spring: 21 September - 20 December - Optimum

Summer: 21 December - 20 March (rainy season in the Andes, optimum for mirror effect in the salt flats, otherwise recommended to avoid January and February) - We recommend to book 18 months in advance)

Autumn: 21 March - 20 June - Good time

Seasons in the Andes

Travelling in the Bolivian Andes is best in autumn, winter or spring. Our Bolivia specialists agree that the optimum time is spring, from late September up until early December. Weather in the Andes is mild, with very little rain. If travelling in late autumn expect very low temperatures in the evenings, during winter temperature can drop to -10C in the Bolivian desert and Altiplano, including in areas of Lake Titicaca.

Travelling in the summer travellers will be faced with heavy rains, some regions may not be accessible depending on the level of rain fall. January and February generally present the heaviest rains. However, during these months, one of Bolivia's main highlights, the Uyuni Salt Flats is entirely flooded and the Uyuni region is very busy.

When travelling in the Andes, sometimes you will have all four season in one day.

Weather in the Bolivian tropics

Autumn, winter or spring are good seasons to travel in the Bolivian tropical and semitropical regions to experience the Amazon, Yungas and Pantanal wildlife. During the winter, between July and August there is the possibility for a cold front and it tends to be very humid and unseasonably cold. Generally it tends to last 1-2 weeks. The summer can be very wet and some isolated regions can be difficult to reach or leave.

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