Mi Teleferico - La Paz Cable car

In 2014 Teleferico cable car transport system was opened in La Paz, offering affordable transport and quicker connection links between El Alto, La Paz city centre and the city’s Southern Districts.

The NYT reported: Since May 2014, Bolivians have a new perspective on their capital city since the Teleférico opened to connect La Paz, the centre of government, with its poorer twin city El Alto above. In its first 8 weeks more 2 million have coasted gently above their twin cities on the La Paz - El Alto - line. The initiative is designed to ease pressure on commuters, who previously had few options but to travel in packed minibuses on clogged streets between the cities. Going on a subway ride in the sky costs approximately 50 cents, which is still double the bus fare.
One regular woman passenger fondly explains: "We used to say La Paz is so poor, but now it's rising up."

Bolivians describe first riding on their special subway as like being on a plane, and when some felt scared, other kind passengers held on to them for their 1.5 mile long journey.
It seems the Teleférico has done a great job of connecting the cities, and it is great fun for visitors to experience, too!
More lines are being built to connect other districts also built in the slopes of the canyon from which the city has grown.

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