Beni and Pando

One of the most remote regions of Bolivia is located in the northern departments of Beni and Pando. A visit here is ideal for those looking for off-the beaten-track wildlife adventures, staying in basic accommodation or remote cattle ranch haciendas.

Beni is carved up by many rivers that are tributaries of the Amazon itself, flowing through extended savannas dotted with islands of rainforest. Trinidad, Beni's capital to the east, is the gateway for boat trips through the River Mamore towards Brazil. To the west lies Rurrenabaque and its jungle forests leading towards the Madidi National Park, Bolivia's most popular rainforest and savannah destination. Between Trinidad and Beni lies the Llanos de Moxos, a sparsely-populated area that floods each year where the endemic blue-throated macaw can be seen.

Bolivia's 'selva' or virgin Amazonian rainforest can be found further north around Riberalta and Pando's capital, Cobija. Here, the main economic activities are cultivating rubber and Brazil nuts. Road networks are very poor, especially in the rainy season, however, both of these border towns have daily flights.

The small town of Cachuela de Esperanza was once the most developed in the Bolivian Amazon as the headquarters of the operations of rubber baron Nicholas Suarez. This tiny town has a prosperous past: it had the best hospital in the region and its theatre once attracted international talent. Despite the heat and humidity, some of its grand houses remain in remarkably good condition.

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