Our guide to the cruising sites of South Orkney Islands

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Coronation Island

Coronation Island

Coronation Island is the largest island in the South Orkneys.

It is a forbidding sight from the sea, mountainous and heavily glaciated, with a coastline pocked by numerous headlands, outcrops and bays. Although just 46km long by 15km at its widest, the highest peak on island, Mount Nivea, reaches 1,265m.

Birds breeding on the island include Chinstrap penguins, Cape petrels and Snow petrels. Mount Nivea takes its name from the Snow petrel (Pagodroma nivea) which colonise its lower slopes.

A large part of the island is a protected area (ASPA 114) as a pristine reference for comparisons with other sites.

The island was discovered in 1821 and named for the coronation of George IV the previous year.

Ships that visit Coronation Island