Bird watching in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the world's top birding destinations - not only for the sheer variety of its birds, but also for the wonderful places where they can be seen.

Ecuador has the highest biodiversity of any country on Earth, with 15% of the world's bird species in less than 0.2% of the planet's surface. About 1,600 species have been recorded for the mainland and a further 38 are added by the Galapagos Islands. A high proportion (84%) are permanent residents rather than migratory.

Ecuador has come of age as a birdwatching destination. An authoritative field guide is available. There are first rate birding guides based permanently in the country. There is a good selection of birder-oriented hotels and guest houses. Travelling around has become much easier.

Our travel specialists at Geodyssey have arranged tailor-made birdwatching holidays to Ecuador for many years. The range of birdwatching trips we can offer is very extensive, covering not just all the key sites on the mainland but also those of interest to the specialist.

All the suggested itineraries presented here can be adapted. We design and support tailor-made birdwatching trips to suit a wide range of interests, styles, budgets and timeframes.

There are three principal options to consider when planning your trip on the mainland:

  • you can be accompanied by a specialist birdwatching guide who is also your driver. This is by far the easiest option and generally produces the most birds.
  • you can be accompanied by an English-speaking local driver who is familiar with the key sites, so that you use lodge guides where available or identify your own birds. This is more challenging, but also very rewarding if your preparation has been thorough.
  • for the intrepid, self-drive is a possibility, but not very economical and locating the sites can be tricky.

Start planning your trip to Ecuador

Let us know what kind of trip to Ecuador you are most interested in, and when you are thinking of travelling. Our travel experts know Ecuador extremely well, and will be delighted to offer some initial ideas and advice, and to develop a more detailed design for your holiday as your ideas evolve. Our Ecuador brochure, which you can order here, includes a section on the Galapagos Islands too.

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Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
Our brochure for Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands is packed with ideas and information to help you plan your trip.

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