Best times to visit Ecuador

Ecuador's weather varies little throughout the year, but there are large variations around the country, primarily due to altitude.

Straddling the Equator, Ecuador's weather tends to be dictated by regional geography and its microclimates rather than by fixed seasons, while temperature varies according to altitude.

In the Andes, temperatures tend to be consistent throughout the year with only a variation of a few degrees between the wet and dry season. June to September are generally the drier and clearer months when temperatures are also at their coolest. For the rest of the year, October to March, weather is warmer and rainier with clear mornings and cloudier afternoons. However it's important to remember that the weather is exceptionally changeable in the Andes and you can experience the four seasons in one day at any time of the year.

In the Amazon, warm temperatures and high levels of humidity are the norm. The rains tend to be particularly heavy over December-May.

The Pacific coast has the most clearly defined dry and wet seasons. The best time to visit corresponds with the wet season over December to April when weather alternates between sun and rain showers. The dry season typically has overcast, muggy weather. The Pacific Coast is particularly popular with locals from Christmas to Easter.

Visitor numbers noticeably increase over all school holidays with particular peaks over Christmas, New Year and Easter when some Galapagos cruises will also charge a peak supplement. The Ecuadorian government is also investing a lot in promoting national tourism so if travelling over a national holiday, you will most likely experience a busy, festive atmosphere at some locations across the country.

If combining your holiday to Ecuador with the Galapagos then there will be further considerations to make when organising your holiday. This might not only be based around weather but also the natural year on the archipelago. For further information, please see our Galapagos section.

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