Western Cuba beaches

West of Havana, there are some excellent beaches at several points along the north coast and to the extreme west at Maria La Gorda - one of our favourites.

Maria La Gorda

Maria La Gorda is as far west as you can get in Cuba and wonderful for diving, considered amongst the best in Cuba, with dive sites featuring black coral, sunken Spanish galleons, caves and tunnels. This is also the place to go if you wish to retreat from the crowds, read a few good books, swim, snorkel and chill out.

Cabo San Antonio

Also situated to the far west of the Guanahacabibes peninsular, Cabo San Antonio is geared to travellers who enjoy their creature comforts. The accommodation is more comfortable than at Maria La Gorda, the setting equally beautiful.

Cayo Levisa

Situated to the north of the National Park La Guϊra Cayo Levisa is another diving resort that is closer to Havana and boasts some of the whitest sands in the province. Edged by pine trees, this is also a resort that specialises in peace and quiet - an ideal end to a busy Cuba tour or holiday and an excellent honeymoon getaway. Boats for the island sail twice daily at 9am and 5pm. There are day trips to the Cay but you will have to make a very early start to catch the 9am boat.

Cayo Jutias

If Cayo Levisa is full or you do not fancy getting up at dawn, a solution is to stay at one of the hotels in Vinales and drive out to Cayo Jutias, an unspoilt cay with a small local fish restaurant, easily accessible for a pleasant day at the beach.

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