Flights to Brazil

Geodyssey works with all the major airlines to Brazil, with very competitive fares.

Typical economy class return airfares to Brazil are £750-£850 inc tax depending on airline and season.

British Airways has daily direct flights from Heathrow to Rio and Sao Paulo. TAM Brazilian Airlines has daily direct flights from Heathrow to Sao Paulo, with connections onto Rio and other Brazilian cities including Brasilia, Cuiaba, Manaus, Iguazu and Salvador.

Most European carriers have daily flights to Rio and Sao Paulo from Heathrow and UK regional airports via their European hub. Some also fly to northern Brazilian cities such as Salvador, Recife and Fortaleza.

Our tour prices do not include international flights so you are free to choose the airline you prefer, and the best prices. You do not even have to book your flights through us.

Flights can get very busy at Christmas and Easter, and during July and August. The cheapest seats fill first, so the sooner you can put your name down for your flights the better. The cheaper tickets are usually restricted: if you need a flexible ticket or prefer club class please let us know and we can quote accordingly. 'Taxes' include fuel surcharges.

Start planning your trip to Brazil

Let us know what kind of trip to Brazil you are most interested in, and when you are thinking of travelling. Our travel experts know Brazil extremely well, and will be delighted to offer some initial ideas and advice, and to develop a more detailed design for your holiday as your ideas evolve.

Call us on 020 7281 7788 ( Mon-Fri 9:15-5:45). Or we'd be happy to call you back.


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