The Royal Road

Charming historical cities and beautiful mountain scenery dotted along the Royal Road in Minas Gerais state

Brazil's Estrada Real, the Royal Road, runs between a group of extraordinary small historic towns in Minas Gerais that flourished in the eighteenth century after the discovery of gold. Their huge wealth led to the creation of an astonishing array of baroque buildings just as the baroque era in Europe was drawing to a close. They display a simple mastery of the style that is applied with an intensity and vigour that takes the baroque to another level - beyond anything that can be seen in Europe.

The Royal Road and its little towns are almost unknown outside Brazil. Today it is a small country road running through some lovely mountain scenery between the towns. There are some wonderful small hotels to choose from -many in restored colonial properties. The Royal Road makes a moderately easy selfdrive holiday, or can be toured with a local guide. The Royal Road goes to the sea at Rio de Janeiro, which makes a fitting end to this trip. You could also continue to one of the many beaches on the Costa Verde or 'Green Coast' - lushly forested mountains that drop down to a seemingly endless succession of beautiful bays, islands and secluded beaches.



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'Treasures of the Royal Road'

Brazil - Selfdrive touring

Explore beautiful Portuguese colonial cities located along the 'Royal Road' from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro, which was the principal route used to transport gold from the mines of Minas Gerais on to Europe.

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Some hotels along the Royal Road

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