Family holidays to Chile

Chile offers something for every member of the family.

It is important that your holiday suits everyone in the family. You are an expert on them and we are experts for travel in our destinations. Together we can design a holiday that best matches what your family enjoys and what works well within each country.

Chile's huge variety of regions offer lots of choice and something different for everyone. Itsexcellent infastructure means that you can get to far away places without spending too much time travelling.

Chile has a lot to offer for families who like to be active. You could be hiking in a national park, kayaking towards a glacier or riding a horse over the Patagonian steppe all in the same day. Chile's special expedition lodges are a great option, with top quality accommodation, great food, first-rate guides and stunning trips out into the wilds. There are some stunning trips for families who love to walk, and can do so all day.

Nature lovers can see something different in each area they visit: condors soaring in the high Andes, flightless rheas roaming the Patagonian steppe, guanacos grazing nervily in areas popular with pumas.

There are plenty of opportunities to blend-in different experiences: to explore cities, sample wines at artisan wineries, settle into wellness and yoga sessions in amazing locations, or just to relax in the countryside.

Start planning your trip to Chile

Let us know what kind of trip to Chile you are most interested in, and when you are thinking of travelling. Our travel experts know Chile extremely well, and will be delighted to offer some initial ideas and advice, and to develop a more detailed design for your holiday as your ideas evolve.

Call us on 020 7281 7788 ( Mon-Fri 9:15-5:45). Or we'd be happy to call you back.

Chile and Easter Island
Our brochure for Chile and Easter Island is packed with ideas and information to help you plan your trip.

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