'Trek to the Lost World'

Itinerary map for Venezuela 'Trek to the Lost World' holiday


  • Day      Overnight
  • 1 Macuto
  • 2 Gran Sabana (Canaima NP)
  • 3 Paraitepuy
  • 4 Camp
  • 5 Roraima base camp
  • 6 Roraima summit
  • 7 Roraima summit
  • 8 Camp
  • 9 Puerto Ordaz
  • 10 Canaima
  • 11 Angel Falls
  • 12 Ciudad Bolivar
  • 13 Caracas
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Day-by-day itinerary for 'Trek to the Lost World'


Arrive Caracas

You will be met on arrival at Caracas airport and transferred to a mid-range hotel on the coast for a positioning night. Early evening, meet the other participants for a welcome drink and introductions.


to the Gran Sabana

Early this morning we will be transferred back to Caracas airport for a morning flight to Puerto Ordaz. There will be opportunities to take breakfast at the airport. The group will be met on arrival at Puerto Ordaz by our English speaking local trekking team. We set out by 4x4 vehicle driving south down the Transamazonica highway at first through an agricultural region, then through lush lowland rainforest before the road heads up 'La Escalera' escarpment onto the vast grassland plateau of the "Gran Sabana", part of the Guiana Shield. It is a wide sweep of open savannah, scattered with elegant stands of moriche palms and waterfalls. Here you have your first views of the distant, mysterious, mist-shrouded table mountains (tepuis). Some of the oldest land forms on earth, comprising sandstone sediments laid down long before the continents drifted apart. Subsequently eroded by wind and water over aeons of time they now stand as flat-topped sentinels—witnesses of the world’s beginnings—islands lost in time. Here the local gold and diamond mining also reflect the time when this corner of South America and Africa where joined. We stay overnight at a tourist lodge in the Gran Sabana.


Kama Falls and Jasper Falls, meet your Pemon porters

Today we explore some of the waterfalls on this southern section of the National Park including the Rapidos de Kamoiran, the Kama Falls and the beautiful Jasper Falls. Bathe at the Soruape cataract and perhaps try the local epicurian delicacy - a firey ant and termite sauce with lunch. Then we leave the black-top road and head by 4x4 to the Pemon village of Paraitepui to meet our camp porters. From here there are good distant views of Mt Roraima. Overnight in their village (either sleep in their local village guesthouse or spend your first night in a tent).


Start of Trek to the summit of Mount Roraima

This morning we set out on the first day of the trek walking over rolling grassland towards Roraima. You will need to ford the Tek river and later the Kukenan river - if there has been heavy rain this may be high enough that ropes are needed to cross it, but usually it can be waded quite easily. At 2,810m it is the tallest tepui. Its walls are so sheer and high that repeated Victorian expeditions claimed it was unscalable and it inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write the "Lost World". It's name means "Mother of all Waters" in the Pemon language as waters from its summit drain into three river basins: the Orinoco, the Essequibo and the Amazon.


To the base camp

Today we continue walking across the rising grassland towards the base of Mount Roraima. We camp in a meadow at the foot of the tepui, alive with fire flies and strap leaved plants that reflect the moonlight.


Ascend to the summit

From this already somewhat elevated base we have a 1,700m ascent to the top. A diaganol scar along the Venezuelan face of the mountain takes you through ancient, primitive tree-ferns, up through the clouds and on to the top. No ropes or actual climbing are involved. Its like climbing a staircase as you gain altitude with every step.


Exploring the summit of Mt Roraima

A full day of exploring at the summit. Imagine combining tors and limestone pavements on a mighty scale. You will need to carefully step from one block of rock to another amid weirdly eroded rock formations, strange endemic plants (carniverous sundews, pitcher plants and bladderworts), valleys carpeted with crystals, and endless labyrinths. A triangulation point on the summit marks the boundries of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. Today and tomorrow are perhaps the toughest day for knees and ankle joints.


Start descent

This morning there will be time to explore at the top some more before we must descend the way we came, down the diagonal 'staircase' to the base. Then we start our return hike back across the grassland.


Return to Paraitepui village, transfer to Puerto Ordaz

This morning we trek back into the village of Paraitepui where we bid farewell to our camp porters. A vehicle will be waiting to transfer us by road all the way back to Puerto Ordaz (approx 8hr drive) for a positioning night. Note: prepare to store some luggage here tomorrow a.m. as there is a weight restriction of 10kg luggage per person on the flights in and out from Canaima.

DAY 10

to Canaima, Hacha Falls & Sapo Falls

We transfer to the local airport for a flight to Canaima, land-locked in the heart of the Gran Sabana. This afternoon you will have a short boat ride on the lagoon to visit Hacha Falls and to walk behind the Sapo Falls (take your swimming things and prepare to get wet).

DAY 11

River Expedition to the foot of Angel Falls

Start of a 1 night river expedition on the Carrao river to the foot of Angel Falls. Start the day with a morning navigation up the Churun river then water levels permitting into the Devil's Canyon. From here you make a fairly strenuous 1hr jungle trek to reach a look-out pont at the foot of the Angel Falls. Then trek back along the same trail and camp for the night in hammocks in dormitories in the jungle. Note: This is run at a basic back packer level and shared with others and is subject to their being sufficient water in the river to navigate up the Devil's Canyon (usually possible June - Oct, sometimes do-able in Nov & Dec too). When there is insufficient water in the river to navigate through the Devil's Canyon we will sleep for two nights at a lodge in Canaima and make a full day river excursion flying over the Angel Falls and visiting Kavac Canyon.

DAY 12

return to Canaima to Ciudad Bolivar

a.m. return down river to Canaima - this time with the current (shorter journey) middle of day transfer back to the landing strip Fly Canaima/Ciudad Bolivar light plane 14.00/15.30h (10kg weight allowance pp) We will be met on arrival at Ciudad Bolivar airport, reunited with any stored luggage, and taken on a short city tour of the historic quarter. Farewell dinner.

DAY 13

return to Caracas, depart

a.m. we are transferred to nearby Puerto Ordaz (1hr) for midday flight to Caracas fly Puerto Ordaz/Caracas 9V1445 12.00/13.00 You will be met on arrival at Caracas airport and helped to catch your chosen onwards flight. Either a late afternoon/early evening international flight home or an onwards connection to the beach destination of your choice (Choroni/Margarita/Los Roques). [Note: if you choose to fly to Venezuela on an American Carrier you will need to have a final positioning night in the Caracas today and depart tomorrow.]

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Average customer rating 91%


The trek to the lost world (roraima) was a lifetime highlight, let alone a trip highlight.


The whole adventure was amazing but of course the relaxing bit at the end was the most enjoyable.

Seasonal information for 'Trek to the Lost World'

Along this route in January

Day Location Max °C Monthly rainfall
1 Macuto 28°C rainfall 58mm
2 Gran Sabana (Canaima NP) 26°C rainfall 70mm
3 Paraitepuy 26°C rainfall 46mm
4 Camp 25°C rainfall 47mm
5 Roraima base camp 23°C rainfall 57mm
6 Roraima summit 23°C rainfall 57mm
7 Roraima summit 23°C rainfall 57mm
8 Camp 25°C rainfall 47mm
9 Puerto Ordaz 30°C rainfall 27mm
10 Canaima 30°C rainfall 43mm
11 Angel Falls 25°C rainfall 44mm
12 Ciudad Bolivar 32°C rainfall 21mm
13 Caracas 25°C rainfall 30mm

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