Tucked between the Caribbean and the mountainous cloud forests of Henri Pittier National Park, Choroní has been popular with a young Venezuelan set for many years.

Several houses in this pastel-painted fishing and farming village that dates from colonial times have been restored and made into guesthouses -- with some chic new ones of excellent quality.

Choroní itself is a pleasant little village back from the sea, with colourful streets a small church and a few local shops -- well worth a stroll after a day at the beach.


There is a good local beach about a 400m walk from the small harbour area (Puerto Columbia); quieter beaches can be reached by boat. The surf can be rough for swimmers, but the beaches are otherwise very good for relaxing in the sun.

Weekend parties

Peaceful midweek, the seafront becomes very lively at weekends when party-goers from Maracay and Caracas come for a day at the beach and an evening of music and dancing. These days the traditional tambores drums have mostly been replaced by mega-bass systems. Everyone is welcome to join in, but if you are staying in Puerto Columbia itself and you prefer your bed then bring earplugs!

Monday is a day of clearing up before calm is restored for the week.

Cloud forest

For a more dramatic change of scene there are excursions into Henri Pittier NP, where cool rivers tumble through dense cloud forest.

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