'Birding in Eastern Venezuela'

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  • Day      Overnight
  • 1 Macuto
  • 2 La Escalera
  • 3 La Escalera
  • 4 La Escalera
  • 5 La Escalera
  • 6 Imataca Forest Reserve
  • 7 Imataca Forest Reserve
  • 8 Imataca Forest Reserve
  • 9 Maturin
  • 10 Caño Colorado
  • 11 Caño Colorado
  • 12 Caripe
  • 13 Caripe
  • 14 Caripe
  • 15 Caracas
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Day-by-day itinerary for 'Birding in Eastern Venezuela'



You are met at the airport and transferred to a seafront 3-4* hotel in nearby Macuto.


La Escalera

Fly to Puerto Ordaz and drive south to the La Escalera region below the Gran Sabana for 4 nights at Barquilla de Fresas, a birding lodge. There are Red-billed and Channel-billed Toucan in the garden.


Three full days for birdwatching at La Escalera for Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock, Sapphire-rumped Parrotlet, Sharpbill, Spangled Cotinga, Ruddy Tody-flycatcher, Fiery-shouldered Parakeet, White-chinned Saphire, Peacock Coquette, Velvet-browed Brilliant, White-tailed Goldenthroat, Red-banded Fruiteater, Scarlet-horned Manakin, Roraiman Antwren, Black Nunbird, Greater Flower-piercer, Guianan Red Cotinga, Dusky Purpletuft, Spotted Antpitta, Red-and-black Grosbeak, Orinocan Saltator, Crimson Topaz, Capuchinbird and Great Elaenia, and hear the ringing calls of White and Bearded Bellbirds. 23 of the 34 endemic pan-tepui birds can be found here. (Ask us about special birding trips to the tepuis themselves.)


Full day birdwatching.


Full day birdwatching.


Imataca Forest Reserve / Río Grande

A final early morning at the very productive La Escalera before heading north to the Imataca Forest Reserve (Río Grande), a wet tropical lowland rainforest at the edge of the Orinoco Delta. Stay 3 nights at a simple guesthouse, in El Palmar with private bathrooms.


Two full days for birding in the reserve, home to several spectaculars including Harpy Eagle, our main focus. You can also find Crested Eagle, Agami and Zigzag Herons, Red-fan Parrot, Grey-winged Trumpeter, Long-tailed Potoo, Golden-winged and Painted Parakeets, Paradise Jacamar, Waved Wood-pecker, Short-tailed Pygmy-tyrant, Rose-breasted Chat, Rufous-winged Antwren, White-bellied Antbird, Cinnamon Attila, Chestnut-rumped Woodcreeper, Musician Wren, and Rufous-tailed Foliage-gleaner.


Another full days birding


A final morning’s birding in the forest before driving north to Maturín. Stay 2 nights at a 3* motel.

DAY 10

Caño Colorado

Early start to reach Caño Colorado for dawn. Spend the whole day birding this area on the edge of the Delta, for species characteristic of várzea forest, humid forest and woodland edge: Blue-and-yellow Macaw, Black Hawk-eagle, Green Oropendola, Black-dotted Piculet, Yellow-crowned Elaenia, Little Cuckoo, Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet, Swallow-wing, Velvet-fronted Grackle, Jet Antbird, Greater Yellow-headed Vulture, Groove-billed Ani, Chestnut Woodpecker, Red-billed, Black-Mandibled and Channel-billed Toucans, White-chested and Blue-tailed Emerald, Steely-vented and Copper-rumped Hummingbird and Blue-chinned Saphire. The road to Caño Colorado is impassable in the wet season (May–Oct), alternative sites are available.

DAY 11

A second morning’s birding Caño Colorado before driving to a lodge at Caripe, near Humboldt’s Guácharo Cave to see the Oilbird exodus at dusk.

DAY 12

Oilbirds and Caripe

Explore inside the cave to see most Oilbirds fast asleep on their ledges, while others shriek noisily. Bird the lush coffee and citrus plantations around Caripe for a wide range of possibles. Transfer to Claus Muller’s Finca Vuelta Larga for 3 nights.

DAY 13

Finca Vuelta Larga

Finca Vuelta Larga is a super birding base with Orange-winged Parrots, Ruby-topaz Hummingbirds, Black-throated Mango, White-tailed Goldenthroat, Cream-coloured Woodpecker, Cinnamon Attila and Crimson-hooded Manakin with wading birds such as Anhinga, Horned Screamer, Black-crowned Night-heron and night excursions for Potoos. From here you will also bird Cerro Humo on the Paria Peninsula which boasts four rare endemics: Scissor-tailed Hummingbird, White-throated Barbtail, Yellow-faced Redstart, Venezuelan Flower-piercer and the near endemic White-tailed Sabrewing.

DAY 14

A second full days birding.

DAY 15

Fly from Carúpano to Caracas for flights home.

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with a logistical guide only (no bird guide) 2 people sharing £3,095
with a specialist birdwatching guide 2 people sharing £4,335
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Seasonal information for 'Birding in Eastern Venezuela'

Along this route in January

Day Location Max °C Monthly rainfall
1 Macuto 28°C rainfall 58mm
2 La Escalera 25°C rainfall 31mm
3 La Escalera 25°C rainfall 31mm
4 La Escalera 25°C rainfall 31mm
5 La Escalera 25°C rainfall 31mm
6 Imataca Forest Reserve 30°C rainfall 108mm
7 Imataca Forest Reserve 30°C rainfall 108mm
8 Imataca Forest Reserve 30°C rainfall 108mm
9 Maturin 31°C rainfall 55mm
10 Caño Colorado 31°C rainfall 73mm
11 Caño Colorado 31°C rainfall 73mm
12 Caripe 23°C rainfall 76mm
13 Caripe 23°C rainfall 76mm
14 Caripe 23°C rainfall 76mm
15 Caracas 25°C rainfall 30mm

Typical weather for January


Max °C figures are the average daily maximum temperatures for the month. Rainfall is the average precipitation for the month.

Hotels for 'Birding in Eastern Venezuela'

Day 1

Buenavista Inn

Catia La Mar

This is one of the few decent, mid-price B&B options  conveniently situated for Caracas airport in the nearby coastal town of Catia La Mar. It is a ideal for a positioning night. Its 20 rooms are bright, simply furnished with wi-fi and cable TV.

There is a veranda with hammock chairs and ocean breezes.

Note: No pool

A restaurant has recently opened serving lunch and dinner.

Buenavista Inn
Days 2 - 5

Barquilla de Fresa Lodge

Las Claritas

Average rating 5.0 (1 ratings)

"Strawberry Icecream Inn". This is the birders lodge situated at the foot of La Escalera at Km 84.
Run by a keen birdwatcher Henry Cleeve. Their large 87 acre garden is a lovely place to sit and watch the hummingbirds at their feeders.

La Escalera is the forested escarpment linking the lowland tropical forest to the hugh high grassland plateau of the Gran Sabana National Park above which the sheer table-top mountains rise. It is where 28 of the endemic species of the Pantepui area can be seen.

6 simple but clean bedrooms in the main building all with ceiling fans share three bathrooms off a nearby corridor.
An independent cabin has 2 rooms each with private bathrooms.

Barquilla de Fresa Lodge
bedroom from above
Days 6 - 8

Parador Taguapire

Imataca Forest

The is a very basic lodge situated on the edge of the scruffy town of El Palmar. It is the only place to stay close to the Rio Grande / Imataca forest Reserve which is said to be the most reliable site in all South America for Harpy Eagle. The small breeze block built rooms with metal doors are clean,  have private bathrooms, with hot water and a/c.  The owners put out fruit on two bird tables in the mostly lawned grounds to attract colourful fruit-eaters. Most clients remark it was not as bad as they feared and the staff are friendly and hospitable!

Parador Taguapire
Days 9 - 10

Chaima Inn

downtown Maturin

Chaima Inn is a mid-range, motel-style hotel which makes a convenient stop-over for birders heading towards Cano Colorado.

All rooms are air Conditioned and have private bathrooms and Cable TV.

There is a Swimming pool, Bar, Restaurant and Casino at the property.

Note: it can be noisy at weekends

Chaima Inn
Day 11

Cabanas Nieblas Azul


Individual bungalows dotted down a steep hillside with fabulous views down upon the Caripe valley.  

Bungalows have private bathrooms (hot water) and living room areas.

Note: lots of steps down to lower bungalows.

Cabanas Nieblas Azul
Days 12 - 14

Finca Vuelta Larga

El Pilar

Average rating 5.0 (1 ratings)

Finca Vuelta Larga is an ecological Waterbuffalo farm and a great location for birdwatchers.  The ranch is owned and operated by Klaus Muller and birding excursions are conducted by his son Daniel.



Finca Vuelta Larga