Caracas is a modern capital with some impressive architecture, parks, gardens, museums and art galleries.

Caracas is a modern capital with some impressive architecture, multi-lane urban highways, a state-of-the-art metro system, parks, gardens, museums and art galleries, a plentiful supply of restaurants and bars, shopping malls, prosperous suburbs, and well-to-do apartment blocks.

Like other major capitals there are also many people struggling to survive on the city's sprawling edge, and there is dirt, noise, traffic jams and pollution.

Venezuela is for everyone

As city people ourselves we always enjoy spending time in Caracas. It would be a shame not to see Caracas if you want to understand the country better, in particular the efforts to use the country's oil wealth for the benefit of its citizens. A logo that says 'Now Venezuela is for everyone' is widely applied, some prominent city parks have been turned into vegetable allotments for the poor, and you can buy a copy of the new constitution and a Simón Bolívar T-shirt from vendors around the bigger metro stations.

Historic quarter

There is a small photogenic historic quarter with prestigious government buildings. Bolívar is an especially significant figure here, with a large plaza in his name near the house where he was born -- worth a visit. There is a well manicured Botanical Garden right in the centre of the city, and UNESCO-listed architecture at the city campus of the University of Venezuela. The Museum of Colonial Art is housed in a lovely old Spanish style residence. The Museum of Contemporary Art houses a very impressive collection of work. Museums are closed on Mondays.

Cable cars and ice-creams

The city lies in a long valley between two ranges of mountains. In the mid-1950s a cable car was built to the top of Mt Avila, to the north, and it recently re-opened with fabulous views across the city on one side, and the Caribbean to the other. At the summit, incongruous attractions for the city's escapees include an ice rink, strawberry and cream kiosks and the stunning Humboldt Hotel (Sanabria, 1956) long closed to customers but at the time of writing open for tours pending refurbishment and very highly recommended -- it may re-open as a hotel one day.

Cafes, shops, bars, restaurants...

Back in the centre there are shopping streets and malls, and pavement cafes where passers-by pause for a game of chess. For a slice of middle-class life join the Lycra'd joggers on the lower trails of Avila National Park or visit the boutiques, galleries and small restaurants in the colonial-style suburb of El Hatillo.

Stay safe

As in any major city it pays to be generally street-wise. Always take a licensed taxi to your destination if you are out after dark. Do not wear expensive jewellery or watches, or carry large amounts of cash. Shanty areas of the city are no-go areas for outsiders.

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Holiday designs that visit Caracas

'Venezuelan Odyssey'

Venezuela - Touring and wildlife

Great wildlife experiences, magnificent scenery, picturesque towns and villages with insights into daily life beyond the cities. We see the truly spectacular Angel Falls and journey into the secluded world of the Orinoco Delta.

14 nights

'Natural Venezuela'

Venezuela - Touring and wildlife

0ur 'grand tour' of Venezuela, featuring all the classic highlights and many little-known gems, with the accent on wildlife, maginificent landscapes and relatively comfortable travelling. Local guides are with you to help everything run smoothly.

18 nights

'From the Andes to the Plains'

Venezuela - Walking and active

9 nights from £955

'Mt Roraima'

Venezuela - Walking and active

14 nights from £2050

'Gran Sabana Discovery'

Venezuela - Walking and active

Discover the wonderful landscapes of table mountains and waterfalls in Venezuela's remote Gran Sabana region, including a visit to Canaima and Angel Falls.

9 nights from £1855

'Two Adventures and a Beach'

Venezuela - Walking and active

from £1650

'West Coast Discovery'

Venezuela - Walking and active

From sand dunes to coral islands, Venezuela's little-visited west coast is a laid-back world full of surprises and contrasts.

from £1175

'Gran Sabana Mini-adventure'

Venezuela - Walking and active

Out and about by 4WD, dug-out and on foot exploring the lost worlds of the Gran Sabana.

5 nights from £1055

'Trek to the Lost World'

Venezuela - Walking and active

Trek to the amazing summit of the Lost World - inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's adventure yarn, the movie 'Up' and many more. Then journey by boat to the foot of Angel Falls - the world's tallest waterfall.

12 nights

'Country Walks in the Andes'

Venezuela - Walking and active

8 nights

'Pure Beach with a Dash of Adventure'

Venezuela - Beach and relaxation

from £2065

'Pure Beach'

Venezuela - Beach and relaxation

from £1490

'The Natural Life'

Venezuela - Beach and relaxation

The Paria peninsula in northeast Venezuela is probably our favourite place in the whole of South America. It is relaxed, beautiful and quietly natural, with plenty to see. Don't tell anyone.

8 nights

'Birding in Eastern Venezuela'

Venezuela - Birdwatching

Extraordinary birding experiences in the forests and tepuis of eastern Venezuela. Harpy Eagle, Guyanan Cock of the Rock, 15 cotingas, Humboldt's Cave, and more.

14 nights from £3095

'The Birds of Venezuela'

Venezuela - Birdwatching

The classic coverage of Venezuela's birds in 3 widely different regions: the Andes, the seasonal wetlands of the Llanos, and the cloud forests of Henri Pittier NP.

13 nights from £2465

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