Best times to visit Venezuela

Most areas enjoy good weather for large parts of the year.

Temperatures are nearly constant all year round, with most areas a pleasantly hot 28-32 °C in the day. It is cooler in the Andes, with the Merida valley typically a very pleasant 20-25 °C in the day, sometimes falling to a nippy 5 °C at night.

Venezuela's dry season is usually from late October to late April and is characterised by fine clear days with little rain making it a good time to escape northern winters. Weather conditions in these months are consistently very good.

The wetter season is from May to September but still has plenty of sun and is not very wet, as much of the rain falls conveniently at night. It is Venezuela's season of abundance: landscapes are green and fresh, and waterfalls are at their most spectacular. Los Roques, Margarita and Coro are very dry and sunny and you are virtually guaranteed good weather there at any time of year.

Venezuela is comfortably outside the hurricane zone.

What is the weather like when I'm planning to travel?

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