Wildlife holidays in Argentina

Lush rainforest, vast wetlands and immense wilderness. Argentina's diverse landscapes are home to an extraordinary array of wildlife.

Each region in Argentina has something different to offer from a wildlife perspective with the warmer rainforest and wetlands of the north contrasting with the windswept plains of Patagonia to the south. The Atlantic coast around the city of Puerto Madryn is a particular area of interest for wildlife focused tours departing between June and December, as right whales visit the area and can even sometimes be spotted from the shore. Other marine life such as Orca, dolphins, penguins, sea lions and elephant seals are also in the region at varying times of the year. The stretch of coastline also remains popular for bird watchers whilst on the land you have good chances of seeing typical steppe species such as guanaco and grey foxes.

Away from Patagonia the Esteros de Ibera are the second largest wetland area in the world after the Pantanal in Brazil. Swamp deer, Capybara, Caiman and anacondas are perhaps the most sought after species, but with around 350 different birds in the area there is a huge variety of things to see. Travel to this region does take time, and access is via a flight into the small town of Posadas on the Paraguayan border before a drive to the tiny settlement of Carlos Pellegrini where the lodges are based. A trip to Ibera can then be combined with the steamy jungle setting of the Iguazu falls in the north of this Misiones province. A private nature reserve east of the falls is an ideal base to enjoy the native flora and fauna and an excellent introduction to the sub-tropical wildlife of Argentina.

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