Water is the uniting and defining feature of the northeast corner of Argentina: the natural splendour and awe-inspiring power of the Iguazú Falls is delightfully contrasted with the calm tranquillity of the Iberá Wetlands.

Iguazú Falls

Straddling the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, the Iguazú Falls are simply remarkable. Set in subtropical forest, a series of 275 separate cascades come together to form a watery curtain gushing over a vast granite cliff.

On the Argentinian side, a series of well laid out walkways above, below and behind the Falls make for an exhilarating experience. This is nature at its most powerful: the sound is deafening and the spray intense. Cross over to the Brazilian side for the best panoramic views of the Falls when in early morning sunshine, rainbows fly across the foaming water gently decorating the cascades. If money is no object, then take to the skies for a helicopter ride that offers spectacular aerial views across all the Falls. Or for the brave, board a nippy speed boat that races at high speed along the river before reaching some smaller falls where the boat is dipped under the gushing water. Prepare to get thoroughly soaked.

Both sides of the falls are surrounded by verdant National Parks: the Argentine side was created in 1934, followed by the Brazilian side in 1939 and both parks were later declared UNESCO World Heritage sites in the mid-1980's. Together they cover an area of more than 245,000 hectares and conserve the last remaining tract of subtropical humid forest in South America.

For nature enthusiasts, the lush forest is teeming with wildlife and is well worth taking some time to explore. Colourful toucans are among the 400 bird species while monkeys swing through the tree tops. There is even a small chance of spotting a jaguar.

Iberá Wetlands

As green and as flat as a snooker table, this network of mirror-like waterways, lakes and inlets is a lush nature reserve awash with wildlife. Once the hunting ground for wealthy trophy hunters, The Iberá Wetlands Nature Reserve is now teaming with wildlife and thanks to its remote location in Corrientes province, not overly visited.

An enormous network of lakes, lagoons, creeks and marshes stretch across an area of one million hectares and is a paradise for wildlife watching. The wetlands are home to over 300 bird species among them Kingfisher, Ibis and the rarer White-headed Marsh Tyrant and Sickle-winged Nightjar, as well as caimans, howler monkeys, capybaras and marsh deer.

The Wetlands wildlife are best experienced staying at a dedicated wildlife lodge from where you will explore the waterways in canoes or on horseback.


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