Selfdrive in Argentina

A selfdrive holiday is a great way to explore rural Argentina. Have your own epic journey through a country of vast open plains, soaring peaks and tranquil lakes and journey to the tip of Route 40, where the road ends.

The huge distances between the various destinations within Argentina mean that generally flights between cities are the most practical way of travelling around, but hiring a car in certain areas remains an excellent way to give greater flexibility and independence to confident drivers.

In the Lake District around Bariloche, renting a car enables freedom to chose on a daily basis between the trails up on the Catedral and Otto hills, or going slightly further along the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi to the Llao Llao peninsula for undulating trails through Arrayanes forest. The iconic 'Seven Lakes' journey from Bariloche towards San Martin de Los Andes and through Villa Angostura is also fabulous for self-drivers. On the route you pass some hidden gems in forested valleys with numerous options to stretch your legs or even swim in some of the quieter lakeside bays.

For a more extensive period of time with a vehicle at your disposal one long road trip links the wine producing valleys around Mendoza to the north west of the country around Salta. With 'Ruta 40' stretching almost the full length of the country from Rio Gallegos up to the country's northermost border with Bolivia, this sector remains one of the most scenic showcasing a real cross section of the Andean mountain range. Individually there are advantages to driving your own vehicle even when flying between Mendoza and Salta, as driving between vineyards in Mendoza opens up visits to the more far flung producers. In north west Argentina meanwhile you can travel at your own pace between the highlights of Cafayate, the high altitude Puna and then the Andean villages of Cachi and Purmamarca.


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