Patagonia is a vast land of barren beauty and mystical tales.

There is no precise region marked on a map dictating where Patagonia starts: it is an immense vague territory encompassing Chile and Argentina which is more easily defined by the soil of rocky basalt pebbles left behind by glaciers. In Argentina, Patagonia stretches from the Río Colorado in the north, to the most southerly point of the Tierra del Fuego where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans crash together.


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Holiday designs that visit Argentina's Patagonia

'The Wildlife of Patagonia'

Argentina - Touring and wildlife

Wildlife, birds, landscapes and culture in Argentina and Chile. Remote Patagonian ranches. The marine life of Tierra del Fuego. Condors and spectacular mountainscapes of Torres del Paine. Culture and wine in Santiago and Valparaiso.

17 nights from £6225

'Patagonia Explorer with Fjord cruise'

Chile - Touring and wildlife

Experience Chile's southernmost region from the water navigating the ice field fjords by boat. For areas inaccessible overland, expedition cruises offer the best way to visit some of the most remote corners of Patagonia.

15 nights from £5980

'Iguazu Falls, Ibera Wetlands and the Patagonian Steppe'

Argentina - Touring and wildlife

Argentina's wildlife extremes: Patagonia's unique fauna of penguins, sea birds and marine mammals at the Valdes Peninsula and the thriving Ibera wetlands near Iguazu Falls.

14 nights from £4230

'Selfdrive in Chilean Patagonia'

Chile - Touring and wildlife

Travel down the Chilean Andes for a mixture of stunning scenery and independent adventure from the wineries of the central valley, through Patagonian forests all the way to the granite peaks of the Paine massif.

15 nights from £4125

'Argentina Explorer'

Argentina - Touring and wildlife

A 'grand tour' of Argentina, from Iguazu Falls to the deserts and wines of the northwest, through Patagonia to Tierra del Fuego. There's time in Buenos Aires too, and a stay at a gaucho ranch.

18 nights from £3885

'Day walks in Southern Patagonia'

Argentina - Walking and active

The further south one ventures, the more profound is the feeling of remoteness in this vast corner of the world. This itinerary takes you from Argentina across the Andes and then up to Santiago.

16 nights from £5040

'Multi-active Chilean Patagonia'

Chile - Walking and active

15 nights from £3795

'The 'W' trek'

Chile - Walking and active

The ultimate trekking experience in Chile's most iconic National Park, the 'W' route accesses some of the quietest areas of the reserve and outstanding viewpoints.

7 nights from £2165