Galapagos expedition cruises

Isabella II

Isabella II offers passengers excellent facilities and service for a luxurious cruise around the Galapagos Islands.

Class: Luxury
Style: Expedition cruise ship
Passengers: 40 maximum
Length: 184 ft
Cruising speed: 10 knots

Cabin prices: £££, ££££
Service rating: 100
Guides rating: 80
Cabins rating: 100
Smoothness at sea: 100

Introducing 'Isabella II'

On board Isabella II, guests can take advantage of the boat's well appointed facilities. For those looking to exercise, there is a fitness room on the boat deck, while a jacuzzi is also available for guests wanting to relax. There are also spacious communal areas on board including a lounge, restaurant, bar, reception area and a library. There is also a gift shop and business centre kitted out with computers.

The cabins themselves are simple in design and all have private bathrooms. Isabella II can accommodate a maximum of 40 guests.

Isabella II offers 3 itineraries which can be taken individually or combined, making 9 possible cruise choices.

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Starts on alternate Fridays

Cruise Day 
1Arrive at Baltra Airport
Highlands of Santa Cruz
Charles Darwin Research Station
Puerto Ayora
2Post Office Bay
Baroness Viewpoint
Punta Cormorant
Champion Islet
3Punta Suárez
Gardner Bay
4Punta Pitt
Cerro Brujo
5Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Depart from San Cristobal Airport
Itinerary map for Isabella II 'Southern Islands' Galapagos cruise

Highlights of the sites visited on this cruise

Blue-footed booby
Red-footed booby
Masked booby
Waved albatross
Magnificent frigatebird
Great frigatebird
Red-billed tropicbirds
Darwin's finches
Sea turtles
Marine iguana
Green Sea Turtle
Sea lion
Lava tubes

On board 'Isabella II'


Isabella II cabin Owners Cabin

Owners Cabin

Number of cabins of this type: 1

Bed configuration: twin beds, or a double bed

Isabella II cabin Classic Cabin

Classic Cabin

Number of cabins of this type: 16

Bed configuration: twin beds only

Isabella II cabin Classic Family Cabin

Classic Family Cabin

Number of cabins of this type: 2

Bed configuration: double bed only

Isabella II cabin Standard Cabin

Standard Cabin

Number of cabins of this type: 2

Bed configuration: double bed only


Isabella II deck Boat Deck

Boat Deck

(Deck level: 3)

Isabella II deck Cabin Deck

Cabin Deck

(Deck level: 2)

Isabella II deck Main Deck

Main Deck

(Deck level: 1)

Isabella II's three decks offer guests plenty of space to relax in the various communal areas. On the Boat Deck guests can take advantage of the jacuzzi and sun loungers, or head to the Exercise Room for a work out.

Guests can head to the Main Deck for the Bar Salon, where staff can rustle up a pre-dinner drink, before heading in to the Dining Room. If work beckons while aboard, there is also a convenient Business Centre with computers.





Kayaks are available for guests' use in accordance to National Park regulations at designated kayak spots.


Isabella II provides guests with snorkelling equipement and wetsuits for when in cooler waters.


From the Boat Deck, guides are available for information about the night's sky.

Natural History Lectures

Informative lectures given by the experience naturalist guides about the Galapagos' unique natural history.


Maximum number of passengers


Naturalist guides


Crew members


Overall length (ft)


Cruising speed


Gross tonnage



Other technical information

Capacity : 40 passengers

Length : 183.5 feet / 55.94 m

Beam : 183 feet / 11.58 m

Gross Tonnage: 1025

Cruising Speed : 10 knots

Crew: 26 ( including 3 x naturalist guide and one medical officer)

Type : Motor Yacht

Navigation and Safety Equipement : Gyrocompass, Automatic Pilot, radar, SOLAS 74 - ISM and ISPS - MARPOL, Fire Detector: Automatic with control from the bridge. Life Jackets: In each cabin, Lifeboats: 2 units semi enclosed / capacity: 27 piers each, Life Rafts: Two 20-man, one 25-man

This information has been provided by the boat operator and is subject to alteration

Customer reviews for Isabella II


5 stars!


Best parts: the Galapagos - and seeing a seal give birth on the beach! Honestly the best holiday we have ever had!


The Galapagos was fabulous and fantastic.



The cruise was the best.


Galapagos on Isabela II was excellent - the highlight of our trip.

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