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The Cormorant is a modern motor-catamaran with eight spacious cabins all with private balconies.

Class: First Class - Medium
Style: Motor catamaran
Passengers: 16 maximum
Length: 108 ft
Cruising speed: 14 knots

Cabin prices: ££££
Service rating: 100
Guides rating: 80
Cabins rating: 80
Smoothness at sea: 80

Introducing 'Cormorant'

This modern motor-catamaran has 6 air-conditioned cabins all with private balconies located on the main and upper decks. There are also 2 larger suites on the main deck, which also have private balconies.

The upper deck features a bar and an al fresco dining area, and on the sun deck there is a jacuzzi and sun loungers. The indoor dining area and lounge are located on the main deck.

Cormorant offers 3 itineraries which can be taken individually or combined, making 9 possible cruise choices.

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Starts on alternate Saturdays

Cruise Day 
1Arrive at Baltra Airport
Baltra Quay
Playa de las Bachas
2Escalera (Bartolome Is)
La Playa (Bartolome Is)
Sullivan Bay
3South Plaza
Santa Fe
4Cerro Brujo
Punta Pitt
5Lobos Island (Marine)
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Depart from San Cristobal Airport
Itinerary map for Cormorant 'A: 4 Nights' Galapagos cruise

Highlights of the sites visited on this cruise

Galapagos penguin
Blue-footed booby
Red-footed booby
Masked booby
Magnificent frigatebird
Great frigatebird
Red-billed tropicbirds
Darwin's finches
Galapagos hawk
Swallow-tailed gull
Sea turtles
Marine iguana
Land iguana
Sea lion
Lava formations

On board 'Cormorant'


Cormorant cabin Standard double

Standard double

Number of cabins of this type: 1

Bed configuration: twin beds, or a double bed

Cormorant cabin Standard twin

Standard twin

Number of cabins of this type: 5

Bed configuration: twin beds only

Cormorant cabin Suite


Number of cabins of this type: 2

Bed configuration: double bed only


Cormorant deck Sun Deck

Sun Deck

(Deck level: 3)

Cormorant deck Upper Deck

Upper Deck

(Deck level: 2)

Cormorant deck Main deck

Main deck

(Deck level: 1)

The Cormorant's upper deack features a bar and an al fresco dining area. The beautiful wooden floored Sun Deck offers ample space for relaxing in the sun on a lounger or in the jacuzzi.

A further dining area is on the main deack, as well as a large lounge area and a library.


According to National Park regulations, kayaking is only permitted at certain sites with a maximum number of 8 passengers in 4 double kayaks. Kayaking takes place before or after island excursions and this is one of the best ways to live Galapagos and its ecosystem to experience nature in its purest form.


Most of the snorkeling activities take place before or after island excursions, so that you will not miss the hikes. It is an optional activity while the rest of the passengers stay on board or on the beach.


Maximum number of passengers


Naturalist guides


Crew members


Overall length (ft)


Cruising speed


Gross tonnage



Other technical information

Capacity: 16 passengers

Length: 108 feet / 33 m

Draft: 5 feet / 1.4 m

Beam: 39 feet / 12 m

Cruising Speed: 14 knots

Crew: 13 (including Captain, auality contral manager, first and second mates, chef, sous chef, engineer, assistant engineer, barman, housekeeper and bilingual naturalist guide)

Year of construction: 2011

Type: Power Motor Catamaran

Navigation and Safety Equipement: 2x 20-man life raft, Navtex, 2 GPS,depth sounder, 2 naval radars, fire detection and prevention systems etc.

Watermaker: 2000 gallons per day

This information has been provided by the boat operator and is subject to alteration

Customer reviews for Cormorant


What can I say - it was an excellent trip, words fail me!



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