Falkland Islands & South Georgia

Visit the Falklands & South Georgia on an expedition cruise ship

A good way to see the Falklands, and the only way to visit South Georgia.

Expedition cruise ships focus on what is off the ship, sending you off from the mother vessel to experience these remote and fantastic destinations for yourself at first hand, then returning you to the comfort of the ship to warm up, enjoy proper meals, attend onboard presentations and lectures, and get a good night's rest. Each has a different way of doing things, with different levels of comfort. We can help you choose the one that would suit you best.

Several of the expedition cruise ships that visit Antarctica also offer voyages that spend time in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

These voyages tend to be in the early part of the Antarctic season, which is also a very good time to see wildlife in the Falklands and in South Georgia.

It's much the best if you call us to talk through the options. Many voyages to the Falklands and South Georgia are booked up well in advance, so it is sensible to find out at an early stage in your planning which might have availability for your dates. We can usually make a provisional reservation and then hold flights for you as soon as that becomes appropriate.

Start planning your trip to Falkland Islands & South Georgia

Let us know what kind of trip to the Falkland Islands you are most interested in, and when you are thinking of travelling. We'll get back to you with some initial ideas and advice.

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