Our guide to the cruising sites of Falkland Islands

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These are the sites around Falkland Islands that are visited by expedition cruise ships. Select a site from the list to find out more about it below.

Bleaker Island

East Falkland

Bleaker Island has a very extensive coastline that attracts a multitude of wildlife. It hosts a massive King cormorant colony, three types of breeding penguins and key wildfowl species. It is one of the few places where the rare Flying steamer duck can be seen.

The main island has low cliffs, sandy beaches, bays and sheltered coves. Sea lions haul out on the rocks here and on Bleaker's seven surrounding tussac islands. It is easy walking country, and sunset overlooking Sandy Bay with a mixture of gentoo and Magellanic penguins congregating on the white sand is just one of the spectacular views to be enjoyed.

The Bleaker group of islands is recognised as an Important Bird Area, and the northern part of Bleaker Island itself is a national nature reserve. Cobb’s wren and tussac birds breed there and are seen on Bleaker Island, while sooty shearwaters and grey-backed storm petrels have recently been found to be breeding on Sandy Bay Island.

Ships that visit Bleaker Island