Ways to travel around Nicaragua

We recommend travelling with an English-speaking Nicaraguan guide and driver.

The best way to see Nicaragua is to be driven by an English-speaking local guide, which is often a real
delight. It means you can hear about Nicaragua from someone who understands the country well and is likely to have lived through its struggles. You'll get to know Nicaragua as it is now, with your guide to show you the more unusual things as well as the sights in the surprisingly few guide books to the country.


Start planning your trip to Nicaragua

Let us know what kind of trip to Nicaragua you are most interested in, and when you are thinking of travelling. Our travel experts know most parts of Nicaragua extremely well, and will be delighted to offer some initial ideas and advice, and to develop a more detailed design for your holiday as your ideas evolve. You can order a copy of our special 'Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua' brochure here.

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