Bocas del Toro

Six islands and more than 200 islets swathed in forests and surrounded by shallow waters bursting with marine life make up the archipelago of Bocas del Toro.

Colón is the largest island and is where you'll find Bocas del Toro town, a laid-back jumble of small hotels, bars, and restaurants (including one that is excellent).

Out among the islands there are some quieter places to stay and relax, one favourite has wooden cabins perched on stilts over shallow blue waters.

The islands receive a fair share of rain, mostly at night, although a drenching tropical downpour can punctuate a hot sunny day seemingly at any time of year.

Four species of turtle lay their eggs between March and September on the beaches of Isla Bastimentos NP and its coral reefs offer good diving opportunities.

The Ngöbe Buglé indigenous community live on some of the remoter islands. Their dress is distinctive, with the women wearing smock-like garments with hand-stitched coloured triangles and edging.

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